Symphony is the pediatrician and your home is your child.


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We hope to have a long-term relationship for the life of your home and keep it safe, healthy, and performing beautifully for the entire time you live there. We begin by trying to educate our customers, and what are the potentials for their home, the costs associated with their needs, and why we recommend the products and solutions that we present. We then work the customer to gather basic information about their home to help us best estimate the labor costs associated with their proposal: address, year built, total square feet, and number of floors. We also try to use their address and available online information to form the most detailed picture of their house as possible.

We allow the customer to either learn about the available options/pricing and build their own system online or to call one of our system designers to help them create an estimate over the phone. All online systems are still reviewed by our system designers once submitted. Once the scope and budget for the project are finalized we schedule a house visit to make sure the conditions and construction of the house allows for the designed system to be properly implemented. Adjustments are made in the field if there are any special considerations that need to be made that affect either recommended equipment or costs on labor, and the customer is presented with an approved and certified system estimate.

When the customer is ready to move forward with the project, payment is processed for the full bill of materials necessary to complete the project and an installation date is scheduled with the home-owner, usually within 2 to 4 weeks. During that time the products from the bill of materials are compiled into a single shipment and sent directly to the home-owner for installation. The job’s project manager also reaches out to the client to gather all the customer specific details necessary to properly install and setup the system: desired names and passwords for Wi-Fi, existing streaming account info to setup on SONOS and TVs, room names to label in applications, etc. The job is also assigned to the installation team who studies the bill of materials and systems designs in preparation for the day the project begins.

Once the system is successfully installed, our project manager visits the job to verify that the installation was completed correctly and the client is satisfied with the work. If there are any small tweaks or changes the project manager can usually handle these on-site or re-schedule the installer if necessary. The project manager also works with the customer to train them on the system, gather feedback on the installation team and collect final payment once they are fully satisfied with the job. Lastly, the project manager makes sure that the client’s system info is accurately and securely recorded for future technical support and upgrades.