How Symphony works

Symphony was designed to help us as a company and you as the customer arrive at an equipment list, scope of work, and budget as quickly as possible.


A quick introduction

We first introduce ourselves: the founder, team members, and how Symphony operates. Then we introduce our favorite brands and products, as well as our menu detailing what it costs to get these products working in your home.

Get Started

We build your system proposal

It begins with a fast survery to find out who you are and what you need. We then do a little homework and put together a preliminary shopping cart of what we believe gets you to your goal. We usually have a few more questions that allows us to dial in your estimate.  At your earliest convenience we work together in person or over the phone for no more than an hour to fine tune your proposal: clearly defining the scope of our work and budget for your investment. We even show you some alternate paths to reach your goal, detaling the cost and benefits of the different approaches.


We get to work

Once the proposal is accepted, we outline the payment schedule, coordinate the installation calendar, and gather your personal preferences for the installation. Our installation team consists of a computer tech and senior installer outfitted with every tool, spare part, and tester necessary to deliver, install, and setup the system per the proposal on the specified date. The original person who you worked with to specify the system verifies the installation and makes sure you know how everything works. They will also be your point of contact if there are every any issues.

Get Started