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Symphonyintegrated.com was designed to help you understand, shop, and hire the best people to install every aspect of your smart-home system.


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After a decade of working in the home theater and automation industry, with both undergraduate and graduate degrees in Computer Science and Music, Science and Technology, Brad Zimring knew he could provide innovative solutions for the emerging technological landscape of the home automation industry.  With this in mind, Brad founded Symphony Integrated Systems, LLC in 2009, while earning his MBA in 2010.   

Symphony consists of two core businesses: Symphony Integrated Systems and Symphony Smart Homes.  Both of these businesses offer our clients a one stop shop for every aspect of their home technology.

The original focus of Symphony Integrated Systems is new construction and significant remodels of large scale custom homes and estates.  With a full set of plans in hand, Symphony works with the client to develop an all-encompassing home automation system from the ground up:  the necessary drawings, bill of materials, and labor costs, creating the working contract that drives the project.

Our newest focus, Symphony Smart Homes, is the manifestation of a service we have been providing on smaller projects for years: meeting the challenge of retrofitting the newest technologies into a traditional home.  Our customers are satisfied because after decades in the industry, we are trusted to find the best solutions and products for your home’s technology needs.

Symphony’s experience with new construction allows us to understand how most homes are built from the inside out.  We know the simplest and most efficient way to update your home technologies with as few disruptions to both the interior and exterior of the structure.  Occasionally the homes’ existing wiring infrastructure suffices to meet the demands of modern automation.  In most cases, however, Symphony will need to retrofit the home with additional wiring- a technology facelift.  Often, a couple of gigabit data wires are all that needs to be added between key locations.  Because of this, Symphony brings with it top of industry trades that make any cosmetic blemish to your home caused by that facelift to completely disappear.

We have created this site with the Symphony Smart Home customer in mind.  With our streamlined design process you can envision a technologically updated home– at home and at your own pace.  Start by finding out why Symphony will meet your needs (About Us, Gallery, Testimonials), and then explore the equipment and manufacturers we most highly recommend (Products).  Finally, explore what your project will cost (Build & Scope).   All you need to provide is an idea of what technology you need (or need upgraded), along with a few data points on the size and build of your home.  Symphony Smart Home can then deliver a highly accurate estimate of the work required, along with a detailed list of equipment and accurate installation and setup costs.  All from the comfort of your own home. 

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