Descriptions of typical Symphony projects and referrals from our loyal customers...

Los Feliz, CA – 2019

During an extensive remodel Symphony upgraded the house network/Wi-Fi to a Ubiquiti Unifi system, added both indoor and outdoor Sonos music zones, built a small media room, and deployed some great smart-home technologies with Ring video intercom doorbell tied into the original antique door chimes as well as Ring spotlight and floodlight cameas.  The master suite was outfitted with a new Sony 4k display and Sonos playbar + sub combo for a great movie experience in the comfort of the bedroom.

Erin Z. – “Symphony did an all around great job and I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a great company to help upgrade their home.”

Mar Vista, CA – 2019

These two sister properties in Mar Vista were designed with mostly DIY smart-home automation products, like Lutron Caseta lighting.

We deployed network infrastructure and WiFi system as well as a Sonos system for music throughout both properties.  

Access control was accomplished through a Doorbird keypad intercom system, and surveillance through a hard-wired IP camera system.

We helped the home-owner setup everything mentioned above and additional systems like the irrigation system on iPads deployed throug the house for easy control and monitoring by the home-owner.

Glen I. –  “I had a specific budget and they delivered everything as promised.”

San Marino, CA – 2019

This project falls into the developer rescue projects where the house was built on spec with either barely passable home-automation equipment or none at all.

At this beautiful San Marino modern estate we helped the home-owner update the access control with a 2N IP Verso intercom with keypad and indoor talk station for easy video conferencing and front gate control and tied the video feed into the surveillance video recorder.

The house had existing in-ceiling speakers throughout the house and we built a Sonos system into a new clean equipment rack in the main equipment closet.  We also updated the house to have an enterprise level Ubiquiti network with both indoor and outdoor access points covering the entire property.  We ran some additional Cat-6 data wires were necessary, to make sure we had sufficient coverage throughout the house.

Lastly, we added a beautiful Samsung Frame TV to the Kitchen and large Flat screen in the main living area integrated with a Sonos Playbar and buried Sons Sub

Mae L. – “We just wanted a simple system and they delivered”

Malibu, CA – 2019

The family that built this beachfront dream home wanted a fully automated home with all the frills.  Unfortunately the electricians that were originally tasked with taking on the project did not have the ability to make that happen.

After the regional Crestron representative referred us to the customer we were able to program the house at the level they were originally looking for.  Beyond getting the system to function as any normal person would expect a fully automated home to work we were able to design a custom user interface for the touch-panels throughout the house that incorporated pictures of the house in the background to illustrate the room being controlled.  We then programmed Amazon Alexa based voice control of every single action desired by the home-owner and his family: controlling lights, HVAC, shades and music to name a few.

Special features like sump pump monitoring were deployed to alert the client to mechanical failures that could result in costly damage to the home.  Part of our work incorporated physical wiring and device troubleshooting to things such as motorized door strikes and entry keypads.

Paul. O, “My only complaint is that I wish I found them sooner.”

Venice, CA – 2019

Our longtime client purchased this spec home which was built without a single low voltage wire run though house – not even a connection to the cable utility for internet.  Luckily, the house had ample crawl space, an open attic, and an owner with the tolerance for cutting some holes in the walls so we could hard-wire as much of the system as possible.

In the end we turned over a fully automated home with Crestron motorized roman shades, a centralized Crestron lighting system, a Sonos music system with in-ceiling speakers throughout the house, outdoor music system, landscape lighting, IP surveillance system, alarm system, 2N video intercom/doorbell, Crestron touch-panels, enterprise level network and WiFi, and the ability to remotely manage the home from anywhere in the world.   After a few wall patches and coats of paint you would never know that this was all completed after the home was built. 

Michael D. – “I told them what I wanted, they told me what to do, and it all worked the way they said it would.”

Brentwood, CA – 2018

This 13,500 square foot Brentwood home was built from the ground up with SIS involved from the original system specifications, through pre-wire, and to final installation.  The Crestron automation system features several touch-panels through-out the house that control the surveillance system, Crestron lighting, Crestron climate control, Sonos music system, Elk alarm system, and pool/spa.  The house distributed music system features Sonance Visual Performance in-ceiling speakers, Sonance amplification, and 21 Sonos connect players that can all be synced together or played individually.  They are also controlled through Crestron’s latest integrated touch-panel widget.

Every single lighting circuit in the house (120 total) is controlled through one of 95 house keypads or through an advanced yet super simple touch-panel that displays a map of the house indicating the status of every single lighting circuit.  The touch-panel also display the open/close status of every single door and window as well as the heating/cooling status of the 7 separate HVAC units.  The 16 person theater features a Sony 4k projector, 159″ Fixed Screen, KEF R-Series (300-Level) sound system with Integra Home Theater Electronics and Dual Sunfire HRS subwoofers.

Mike M. – “We simply love the convenience”

Mar Vista, CA – 2018

We were brought into this project by the home-owners who after owning this property for several decades were able to build their dream home from the ground up.  This was our first project with the highly regarded architect and builder Bob Ramirez, but lead to many follow up projects working together.

The house includes a Crestron Pyng wireless lighting with integrated nest thermostats, all controllable from local iPads or smart-phone anywhere in the world.  The house also boasts a dedicated theater with Sony 4k HDR projector and Triad audio system, 14 zones of Sonos and 5 Sony Smart-TV Video system with Sonos Playbar/Sub audio systems.

Access control is handled by a flush-mounted Doorbird IP intercom system with keypad entry.  The property is covered by 8 high-definition IP surveillance cameras and a network video recorder for viewing live cameras and footage from the past several weeks.

Overall, we were super proud of the work we did at this house and it is nice to be a part of a project with such high attention to detail both architecturally and with the overall aesthetic finishes on the structure.

Bob Ramirez (Architect), “The home-owner brought Symphony onto the project and I’ve hired them onto every one of my jobs ever since.”

Los Angeles, CA – 2017

The scope of work in this house was a pretty straightforward equipment move from the hold house to this new residence.  The client had his own equipment rack, amplifiers and some Sonos equipment and we installed and setup the gear to simply work in his new home.

We later added an 85″ Sony TV to the Family room with a Sonos Playbar, a few more TVs were placed throughout the house, and we also configured the original Logitech remotes to work with their new setup.

Jeremy L. – “The original setup was terrific, but their continued support and follow through are even better.”

West Hollywood, CA – 2017

Symphony was brought onto the project when the new home-owner bought the house and wanted to upgrade the sound-system, TV displays, lighting and overall automation.

We built a new equipment rack to house the electronics, updated the music to a Sonos system, upgraded the in-ceiling speakers throughout the residence as well as added several in-wall Meridian audiophile speakers to the main family room and master bedroom.  A Leon Edge Media frame housed the family 85″ Sony TV and center speaker as well as Master Bedroom TV.

We worked with the contractor (Taconic) to design and install a new landscape lighting system as well as updated fixtures and lighting programming throughout the house.

Lastly, we provide on-going personal tech support to the home-owner and also helped them manage the various other trades on the project.

Sylvia R.”Symphony simply provides outstanding customer service.”

Malibu, CA – 2016

This home exemplifies the best of Symphony smart-home and media technologies: Crestron climate control/centralized lighting/custom roller shades, Tru-fig flush finishes, Ubiquiti enterprise level network, Sonance speakers and amplifications, Sonos music server integrated with Crestron touch-panels, High Definition Digital Watchdog surveillance system, Elk Alarm Integration,  4K Television throughout, THX Certified Home Theater and a beautifully wired central Middle Atlantic rack.

Ron H. – “Thanks to Symphony we have the ultimate beach house”

Marina Del Rey, CA – 2016

Symphony managed every single electrical aspect of this house, including both high and low voltage design and wiring.  The house was stripped down to it’s solid concrete core, and completely remodeled.  Because of the conditions of the construction, very little additional wire could be run through the house, and with the open floor plan we installed a Lutron Homeworks QS wireless system to control the lighting and draperies.  SIS worked with the general contractor to both specify and procure every single fixture on the property that included, fiber optic lights, LED cove lighting, LED recessed fixtures, RGB color changing skylight cove lights, and various custom pendant fixtures.  We drafted thorough engineering drawings and maintained accurate records for the lighting system and low voltage pre-wiring to guide both the general contractor and electricians throughout the entire remodel. 

The Crestron automation system contains a custom Baknet program for controlling the house radiant and forced air heating and cooling systems, and we cross-integrated the Lutron Homeworks QS system to work with Crestron. We designed an intuitive user interface for the Crestron iPhone and iPad apps to control the draperies, lighting, climate and media systems including a responsive map control with feedback for the lighting and climate. 

We installed an AIPhone audio/video intercom system for front door access and communication between the floors. We also installed a Sonos music system was with a Playbar and sub woofer combination for all Sony 4k TV systems. We worked alongside the project carpenters to incorporate Play:5 powered speakers into and TV lifts into custom cabinetry throughout the home.  The basement theater houses a 133” Cinewide Screen Innovations screen, Sony 4k projector, and Meridian Audio system.  Finally, we fully designed and equipped a home recording studio in the basement including an isolation booth, Genelec speakers, audio distribution and top of the line instruments and recording equipment.

Emily A. – ”While remodeling a house is never easy, Symphony helped get the whole project quickly to the finish line.”

Beverly Hills, CA – 2016

Symphony pre-wired the house while in the framing stage of the construction, and ultimately installed the Ubiquiti WiFi/Network, Doorbird video intercom/doorbell system, Sonance in-ceiling speakers and Sonos amplified zones throughout the house, on-wall iPads, and a surround sound media room system.

Joseph W.  – ”We had a very specific budget and scope for the project and Symphony executed the project perfectly.”

Santa Monica, CA – 2016

This 9,000 square foot architectural home designed by renowned architect, Marc Whipple, is a prime example of SIS’s ability to meet the architect’s and home-owners attention to detail and aesthetics.   Flat panel display were installed with Chief in-wall recessed mounts for that perfect picture from on installation with all wires hidden within wall for a clean look on the profile view.  All Crestron keypads were complemented with high-end metal trim plates.  The projector recesses into the ceiling when not in use and the theater projection screen looks like a large 120″ television mounted on the wall.   The house windows are treated with motorized roller shades and drapes, with the sky-light windows motorized for opening and closing from the client’s iPhone.

The home-owner wanted the whole home controlled from their iPhone where they have control over all motorized window treatments, television display, Sonos music system, radiant floor heating, forced air heating/cooling, and surveillance camera system.  The house has a managed network with Pakedge router, switches, and wireless access points and a QNAP server handling personal movie collection and computer backups.  The theater features latest Sony 4k projector, Screen Innovations 120″ screen, chief drop down projector mount, KEF THX in-wall speaker system and Integra electronics.  Other amenities include towel warmers on the Crestron system, fireplace control, as well as dual Sunbrite outdoor televisions.  The Holovision front door intercom was customized with DoorBird electronics to call the cell-phones with video conferencing when someone is at the front door.  


Julie C. -”We have very specific tastes and Symphony delivered both the form and function that we were after.”

Santa Monica, CA – 2015

This residence is an example of an Symphony “rescue” project. The house had pre-existing Crestron automation, Lutron lighting and shades, home theater and Meridian Sooloos music systems that suffered from continual programming and equipment failures. Our rehabilitation included completely rewiring the equipment rack, eliminating unnecessary equipment, and re-configuring to maximize overall system performance. We worked with the client, an expert in design, to create a sleek and intuitive iPad interface to control lighting, shades, HVAC, distributed music, surveillance cameras, and several surround sound video systems.  

The house lighting and shades are Lutron devices that are cross-integrated with Crestron iPads and remote. We programmed controls for whole house scenes as well as individual dimming of each individual zone.  We most recently upgraded the theater to include the latest Sony 4k Projector and a top of the line surround sound receiver from Meridian which doubles as a high-end 2-channel Sooloos player.  The Crestron thermostats, Jandy pool & spa system, Digital Watchdog surveillance system, house video systems, and music systems are all independently controllable within a single Crestron app from any of the house iPads both within the house and from anywhere around the world.

Eric H. –  “Everyone asks me who helps me with all my smart-home technologies and I gladly pass along the name Symphony”

Malibu, CA 2015

Symphony was responsible for designing, installing and programming a Crestron centralized lighting control system, climate control system, and fully automated roller shades in most rooms.  Almost every room has music distribution from Sonance Visual Performance six inch speakers, Sonance digital amplifiers, and Sonos music servers.  

The property is covered by 8 discreetly installed surveillance cameras and an Elk alarm system.  The iPads and touch-panels throughout the house have full control over lighting, shades, climate, music, surveillance cameras, Elk alarm system and a Jandy pool & spa system.  The home theater is disguised as a casual family room, but with the press of a single button lights dim, blackout shades lower, the projector powers up and the screen drops out of a hidden cavity in the front book case for a fully immersive theater experience with Kef Speakers, a Denon integrated surround sound receiver, a Sim2 projector and a Da-Lite Screen. 

Homan, Z. – “After 5 years in this home I couldn’t be happier with their service and support”

Malibu, CA – 2013

Symphony originally designed, installed, and programmed the Crestron enviornmental system with motorized window treatments and a centralized lighting.  As the home has transferred ownership, we have continued to service and upgrade the existing systems that also include a dedicated theater, Sonos Music systems, Surveillance system and Wi-Fi/Network.

Mike W. – “Symphony has a great team – a very smart and friendly staff of installers and technicians.”