Descriptions of typical Symphony projects and referrals from our loyal customers...

Los Feliz, CA – 2019

During an extensive remodel Symphony upgraded the house network/Wi-Fi to a Ubiquiti Unifi system, added both indoor and outdoor Sonos music zones, built a small media room, and deployed some great smart-home technologies with Ring video intercom doorbell tied into the original antique door chimes as well as Ring spotlight and floodlight cameas.  The master suite was outfitted with a new Sony 4k display and Sonos playbar + sub combo for a great movie experience in the comfort of the bedroom.

Daniel P. – “Symphony did an all around great job, and I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a great company to help upgrade the tech in their home.”

Mar Vista, CA – 2019

These two sister properties in Mar Vista were designed with mostly DIY smart-home automation products, like Lutron Caseta lighting.

We deployed network infrastructure and WiFi system as well as a Sonos system for music throughout both properties.  

Access control was accomplished through a Doorbird keypad intercom system, and surveillance through a hard-wired IP camera system.

We helped the home-owner setup everything mentioned above and additional systems like the irrigation system on iPads deployed throug the house for easy control and monitoring by the home-owner.

Glen I. –  “Over the years we’ve worked with Symphony on several new high end residential projects. Brad has always been there giving us his very best.  He’s knowledgeable, personable, smart as a whip, honest, hard working and very easy to work with. We can always depend on him to get it done right and work with our very demanding clientele to make them happy.”

Venice, CA – 2019

Our longtime client purchased this spec home which was built without a single low voltage wire run though house – not even a connection to the cable utility for internet.  Luckily, the house had ample crawl space, an open attic, and an owner with the tolerance for cutting some holes in the walls so we could hard-wire as much of the system as possible.

In the end we turned over a fully automated home with Crestron motorized roman shades, a centralized Crestron lighting system, a Sonos music system with in-ceiling speakers throughout the house, outdoor music system, landscape lighting, IP surveillance system, alarm system, 2N video intercom/doorbell, Crestron touch-panels, enterprise level network and WiFi, and the ability to remotely manage the home from anywhere in the world.   After a few wall patches and coats of paint you would never know that this was all completed after the home was built. 

Dan B. – “I told them what I wanted, they told me what to do, and it all worked the way they said it would.”

Malibu, CA – 2016

This home exemplifies the best of Symphony smart-home and media technologies: Crestron climate control/centralized lighting/custom roller shades, Tru-fig flush finishes, Ubiquiti enterprise level network, Sonance speakers and amplifications, Sonos music server integrated with Crestron touch-panels, High Definition Digital Watchdog surveillance system, Elk Alarm Integration,  4K Television throughout, THX Certified Home Theater and a beautifully wired central Middle Atlantic rack.

Ron H. – “Brad’s team at Symphony is the best…My sound system is setup perfectly and bumps hard inside and out…I get a visit from the local sheriff once a week telling me to shut it down!!”

Beverly Hills, CA – 2016

Symphony pre-wired the house while in the framing stage of the construction, and ultimately installed the Ubiquiti WiFi/Network, Doorbird video intercom/doorbell system, Sonance in-ceiling speakers and Sonos amplified zones throughout the house, on-wall iPads, and a surround sound media room system.

Joseph W.  – ”Symphony made the process simple and gave me exactly what I asked for.  Employees were helpful and accommodating at all times.  Highly recommend!

Malibu, CA 2015

Symphony was responsible for designing, installing and programming a Crestron centralized lighting control system, climate control system, and fully automated roller shades in most rooms.  Almost every room has music distribution from Sonance Visual Performance six inch speakers, Sonance digital amplifiers, and Sonos music servers.  

The property is covered by 8 discreetly installed surveillance cameras and an Elk alarm system.  The iPads and touch-panels throughout the house have full control over lighting, shades, climate, music, surveillance cameras, Elk alarm system and a Jandy pool & spa system.  The home theater is disguised as a casual family room, but with the press of a single button lights dim, blackout shades lower, the projector powers up and the screen drops out of a hidden cavity in the front book case for a fully immersive theater experience with Kef Speakers, a Denon integrated surround sound receiver, a Sim2 projector and a Da-Lite Screen. 

Homan, Z. – “Symphony was very helpful early in the process with cost estimates and equipment options.  They provided a good walk-through of the property, explaining the wiring, etc.  His team did a very good job installing and programming the equipment.  Cost estimates for the project were provided in a clear format and in a timely fashion, including modifications to the plan after initial estimate.  The other company I considered was the exact opposite”